It never fails, I always end up getting sick just before, or during c2e2.  Last year I had bronchitis, this year I had a wicked sinus infection that kept me away from the table for most of the weekend (as well as the Jane Espenson panel #SoMad).  But Tony and Greg held down the fort like champs with our pal Elliott Junkyard, from Vampire Kitty and Spacebat.

Greg is camera shy 🙁

Undercaffienated and full of nerves, I did manage to make it to my Womanthology panel, which was so much fun.  I just can’t say enough about these lovely ladies.  Candice and Jessica did such a great job organizing everything.  And despite competing with John Barrowman’s panel, we had a very good turnout with excellent questions from the crowd.  Jessica has posted video of the panel on her blog, so please check it out!

Raven Moore, Janet Lee, Lauren Burke, Jean Kang, Jessica Daniel, Candice Reilly, Katie Shenanagins, and Gail Simone

Sadly, I wasn’t able to catch up with some of my favorite people at the con, but hopefully I will the next time around.  Big thanks to everyone who stopped by and bought the new Jane book, as well as Womanthology.  You guys are the bestest!