Hello Faithful Readers!

As you can tell, P.I. Jane looks a little different.  It’s longer, we got this new color thing going on, it’s got ‘splosions. This is that new beginning we alluded to in the last panel of strip #100.  And that new beginning is sort of like the old beginning.  Let me explain.

Three years ago, Greg and I wrote a pilot called P.I. Jane.  It was received fairly well, and we decided to turn it into a graphic novel.  We found an artist, Mr. Tony Maldonado, who not only helped us with our pitch, but also convinced us to make a webcomic to help us learn the comic-making process, as well as build an audience.  And so we changed the format, wrote new scripts, and for the past two years we’ve been producing P.I. Jane the webcomic. It was shorter, goofier, and served as a prequel to the events in the original graphic novel.  It was a fun experiment that helped us grow as artists, writers, and a team.

Now, we feel confident enough to move on to producing our graphic novel.  And we will be sharing it with you, right here, one page at a time.  Below is a sample from our original comic pitch written three years ago.  We’ll be posting all six of the sample pages for you to compare and contrast with the new pages each week, starting with the original Meet Jane Day.

We hope you enjoy.