Hey, guys.. This is page 2 of the ‘original’ graphic novel/comic book version of P.I. Jane. Random fact: we needed a name to call these pages because it was getting confusing when we would talk Jane and had two different versions going side-by-side. We landed on “Murray” for… whatever reason. Gearing up for C2E2 2011, we printed mini books with the first 6 pages as a sort of demo book for all the publishing mucky-mucks we were sure we’d schmooze and win over. The night before at 1am, we were at a Kinko’s and it was dead and the employee just gave us these books. Like 25 copies that we’d later learn would’ve cost like $200. In that employee’s honor, we renamed these pages and this demo book “Portia.”

These are the Portia Murray chronicles.