That’s the first issue of neo-Jane. Jane 2.0. Whatever you wanna call it. We’re going to collect it and do a small print run (and a digital version) and have it available at future shows for your buying pleasure. Stick around here and our various social media avenues for details as they arise.

The next few weeks will be a break from Jane. Well, sorta. First we’ll release the cover of the issue (which should turn out quite nice, courtesy of Tony and Cleopatra Jones). After that, we’ll have a few Pie v. Cakes in various genres that we think you’ll love (or at least tolerate). And after that, new Jane. Issue 2 begins.

So this isn’t the end. We wouldn’t end on a cliffhanger and then bail. We’re loyal like that.

Stick around. We gots plenty more coming at you in the coming weeks.

Like what you’ve read so far? Tell your friends! We can’t have too many readers, but we’re willing to risk it.

See you Monday(-ish?) for the P.I. Jane 01: Somnology of Sleep cover!

-g (on behalf of l and t)