Hi, everyone! No, we haven’t forgotten about you loyal readers. We’re a little behind schedule as we prepare for DanCon this Saturday (March 16th), at the Orland Park Civic Center from 10a-4p. Come on down and say hi. We’re debuting P.I. Jane issue 01: Somnology 101: The Science of Sleepwalking. $5 gets you a copy, but the schmoozing is gratis.

Also, you’ve probably heard us yammer about our all-ages book, I See Monsters. We’ve been working to get the first issue of that completed tuit de suite as well. It won’t be ready for DanCon unfortunately, but here’s a peek at the cover. Oh, and we’ve renamed the series The KinderGuard. You know, to keep you on your toes.

So that ‘s coming soon, too. We hope you enjoy it.

This week’s Jane will be ready soon, so keep an eye glued to the page (or your choice of social media) for the update. You can also avoid all that by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Thanks, erryone!

Team Jane

kinderguard cover