Your regularly-ish scheduled Jane pages will return in a few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy this preview of the first issue of I’m Not OmniGirl, written by Lauren, lettered by Greg and drawn by artist Megan Brennan. Megan previously worked with Lauren on the Womanthology 4-page OmniGirl short, which was expanded into this issue, and at least 2 or 3 more to follow.

Issue 1 is completed and for sale either online at our STORE or in person if you come to see us at a convention. We’ll be at Wizard World Chicago in a couple weeks, debuting Jane issue 2 and the Fourbucks coffee mug, and selling all our other books. Come talk to us! We’ll keep you posted on our table placement when we know it.

Below is the cover to the OmniGirl issue, also by Megan. Enjoy!

Team Jane

OmniGirl 01 Cover