Heather and Jane by Lyndsey Raney. Just a taste of what's coming your way on Free Comic Book Day.

Hey, Faithful Audience…

You may notice there’s not a new comic today. We think we have a very good reason for that. You see, we’re putting together a mini Jane issue for May 7th’s Free Comic Book Day. What’s Free Comic Book Day? It’s the annual day where comic shops the country over hand out free comics. It’s just what you’d think it is. And it’s frickin’ awesome!

We’re in the process of making a 12 page issue we’ll be printing up and giving out at a couple Chicago locations on May 7th. We’ll be at Third Coast Comics (6234 N. Broadway / Chicago, IL 60660) from Noon to about 4:30PM and Evil Squirrel Comics (6928 N. Glenwood Ave / Chicago, IL 60626) from 5:00PM to 6:00PM. We’ll also have buttons and NEW bookmarks.

After Free Comic Book Day, we’ll be putting the mini issue up digitally on Drive Thru Comics and Graphic.ly for free, so if you can’t make it out to see us, you can get a copy for your iPad (or your device of choice).

Thanks for bearing with us during this hectic week. New strip next week. See you (we hope) at Free Comic Book Day!

Excelsior(, right?)!

G, L, & T