The Leads

Jane Day
She of the titular Jane.  A perennial wallflower, Jane’s a twenty-something suburban private detective embarking one of her rookie cases: going undercover as a temp at Lindelof & Lindelof to keep tabs on the new owner. This wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she signed up for the P.I. gig, but whatevs.  Her overactive imagination keeps her entertained while she drowns in a sea of staplers, paper clips, bad coffee and toner.  So. Much. Toner.

Jane likes dogs, loves pie, and dislikes long walks on the beach. She’s indifferent with regards to candlelit dinners.  She was never asked to a school dance, and doesn’t get why Justin Bieber is constantly trending on Twitter (or who he is).  Hoodies and Chucks are a staple. Her ultimate goal is to become a real spy.  Or a world-famous novelist.  Or some kind of clandestine book-writin’ woman of mystery.

Margaret “Peggy“ Woodward
Owner and proprietor of M.W. Investigations. She recently recruited Jane into suburban ring of female P.I.’s.  At first glance, Peggy seems like your typical CostCo-lovin’, Martha Stewart-y housewife.  She’s a lifetime member of the P.T.A., Lil’ Susie Bee Dowager and Amway lady (a cover? You decide!). But, do not underestimate her.


Did you hear that?  She’s right behind you!
(you just looked, didn’t you?)

The Co-Workers

Chad Lindelof
Jane’s boss. Just call him Junior. Or Chad.  We call him Chad. Chad’s taken over Lindelof & Lindelof since his father, Chad (Sr.) retired. Son Number One spends most of his days thinking up creative FourBucks orders, seeing if he can tell which artificial sweetener was used (his version of Russian Roulette), ordering office supplies and watching pirated movies and playing pirated games (courtesy of Quinn (below)). He means well, but really, this man has no business uh… well, running a business.  Irony!

Caroline Driscoll
The supervisor. Caroline was the homecoming queen in high school, and a tri-Delt in college. Things have gone downhill since her divorce and she shows all the signs of Cougar-dom (especially the workplace bitchiness).  Caroline’s motto is “work hard, play hard” and she’s always up for happy hour. She has one eye on Joe and the other on Quinn.

Heather Lai-Fizzerato
Heather’s twenty and equal parts naïve dreamer and Six from Blossom (aurally, anyway). She splits her time at work between answering phones in reception and annoying Jane (in Heather’s brain, she and Jane are BFFs).  She hasn’t decided what to do with her life yet. She’s debating between rock star and artist. She blogs on the job and in her spare time acts as the roadie/merch girl for shoegazer emo band, Diabolical Sad.

The I.T. guy.  Quinn’s not really sure why or how he ended up at Lindelof & Lindelof.  At least it’s not a boring job. He spends most of his work day pirating software for Chad and playing Cerberus: Unchained (which is totally not a paper-thin WoW knock-off, nosiree).
Note: He’s a major player in the comic book and it would be great if we got published so you could see more of him, so let’s get that grassroots business going, eh?